Monday, May 21, 2007

yikes! only 1 week left now and my pile of work doesn't seem to be getting any smaller despite my best efforts.
im beginning to go a little stir crazy sitting at my desk for silly amounts of time, but its nothing that obscure scandinavian electronica can't remedy... oddly enough.
anyhoo, all of the activity pages are now complete. so my task for the next few days is to get everything ready for printing, and then of course to bind it all up nicely.
but for now, i shall leave you with a few more activity pages.

[the reason for the gap in the bottom left hand corner of the right hand page is that there is a small envelope of magnolia seeds that will be attatched to the page after printing...]


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

busy busy busy

busy busy busy i have been.
and i continue to be...
so a quick post. just a few more pages from my fmp.

tata for now. ttfn.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

so once again, its been a while, but i have been rushed off my feet with work. i have 25 days left of my degree and intend to use them wisely...!
the pictures above are for my final project [the creative self-help guide/journal] one of the "activities" i am promoting is a healthy diet, and the benefits that come with that in terms of physical and emotional well being. and below is the page devoted to this theory:

and here is another sample page detailing the benefits of keeping a journal:

and i still have sososo much more to do. but we will get there in the end :o)
best get back to it..!