Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Movember is a charity set up in the name of men's health - prostate cancer in particular. Throughout the month formerly known as November, men across the world grow Moustaches to help raise awareness about the very real health issues they face.

A number of my fabulous friends are joining in this year and are all looking remarkably hairy and very nearly Magnum P.I-like!

But yes, it is a very real, very serious, very important cause - to find out all about it, or to make a donation, click the button!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008



I finally got around to making these postcards using the fruit and veg patterns i have been working on.
Each set includes 5 different postcards: cherries, apples, lemons, mange-touts and aubergines. Each of which can be eaten as one of the 5 daily reccomended portions of fruit and veg that help to maintain a healthy diet. The postcards themselves however, should not be eaten and will not in any way improve your daily diet...!

Being healthy means nothing if you are not happy, and one of the most effective ingredients that helps to maintain happiness is good friends. It's important to keep in touch with loved ones, so with these super healthy postcards you can keep in touch with your recommended quota of 5 friends per day! How very handy indeed!

Lucy kindly invited me to share her stall at! last week in Camberwell. We had much fun selling our wares and eating slice of homemade cake after slice of homemade cake... and the most fabulous biscuits ever, made by The Biscuiteers!

There were a lot of other lovely stalls: The collected adventures of b. b. barry, Jess Turnbull, and Mr PS to name but a few.

And here is our little stall in all it's glory :o)


Monday, November 17, 2008



So, I am a little late posting about this, but nevermind...!
A couple of weeks ago, i received a mysterious email inviting me to a 'VIP launch party', with very few clues as to what the whole business was about. When my invitation arrived in the post, there were even fewer clues; just a time, date, place and a company name: driedonpaper. The invitation itself however, was rather special indeed:

A stamp, an ink pad and a piece of yellow card: a print-it-yourself invitation! Fabulous!

Any way, yes, after a few more days of trying to unravel this cryptic conundrum all was revealed in Shoreditch Studios last week. The launch was for a new mobile phone with more features you can shake a stick at. Now this is not really my general area of interest... I'm happy as long as i can send a couple of (preferably) free text messages, make a few quick calls here and there, and play a few games of su doku... and if it looks pretty, well that's a bonus..! But yes, regardless of that, the party was still rather excellent.
pictures pictures pictures:

It was all rather 'art' focussed. Inside the first room there were several installations with themes such as time, music, robotics, the world, telephones, and so on.

There was also a wall of prints created especially for the event. Some designs were even included in the goody-bag for us to take home at the end of the night. (the goody-bags also included a t-shirt, and a memory stick)

It did infact turn out to be quite a nice night - I should mention that it was also my actual birthday night, so it was rather excellent to be provided with unlimited free champagne all night! And plus, they had my absolute dream clock there! I have been eyeing up a similar (newer) one from Habitat for about a year now... I may well just have to cave in and buy it now! Although... do they make much noise...? I wonder if it would keep me up at night with its flap-flap-flapping?
hmm... Answers on a postcard please!


Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, what with today being the last day of national knitting week an' all, i reckon its jolly well time for a knitting (& crotchet) themed post.

These knitted condoms were made for a friend's birthday. i wouldn't recommend them as an effective form of birth control, but i would definitely recommend knitting a couple, as they're super quick and easy, and rather silly too!

Using 4mm needles and 4 ply wool
cast on 22 stitches,
knit 36 rows (or add a few more for a larger size...)
knit 2 tog for the next 2 rows (leaving you with 6 stitches)
knit 2 rows
knit 2 tog (leaving you with 3 stitches)
thread the end of the wool through the remaining stitches and pull tight.
sew the sides together - and you're done!

You can also add some special touches by knitting a few of the purl rows, to give a ribbed effect!

And in other news: crotched squares!

Since debbie's crochet masterclass on the beach last month, i have been on a mission to crochet a whole blanket, which has been going a little slower than i initially anticipated, but anyway, yes, this is my progress so far!

Sadly, at this rate, it will be more like summer by the time i have finished, so i will just have to get chilly this winter, but goodness, am i looking forward to next winter already!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

paper n stitch

paper n stitch...

A big thank you to Brittni for inviting Lazy Soosan to feature on paper'n'stitch: a brand new online exhibition space, created to promote artists, designers, makers selling handmade goods, and independent boutiques. Come visit the lazy soosan paper'n'stitch shop right here!



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Thursday, September 25, 2008

D is for DIY

D is for DIY

Issue D of The Alphabet Series has finally arrived and is very much up for sale in our shop.

In the spirit of all things D, this issue is DIY-tastic: handmade from start to finish. and thats how we're going to keep it from now on! So go snap yourself up a copy of the new look Alphabet Series: its packed from start to finish with more love, care and attention than ever before!

visit the Lazy Soosan blog for more info, or take a look at my flickr for more pictures.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008



This weekend, Lucy and i headed down to Brighton to see Debbie, who ever so kindly gave us a quick crash course in crochet squares - many many thanks indeed - i have been practicing religiously so that i wont forget the knack! It also just so happened that it was a super lovely day - heaps of sunshine, and fortunately for us we were able to sit on the beach and soak up the last few hours of summer in the process.

(Mine is the blue one... the expert ones to the right are Debbie's!)

Lazy Soosan news coming shortly, so watch this space!
Ta ta for now

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


stimpfield 08

So, I've finally got round to posting about stimpfield:
a home-grown, back-yard, lo-fi, d-i-y, festival dreamed up by louise and me.

It was such a fun day, and well worth the endless planning. The invitations were tickets, and guests were instructed to bring themselves, their tents, their wellies and a musical instrument of their choice, along with an mp3 player for the silent disco.

Each guest recieved a lanyard with a detailed site map on the back, incase they managed to lose themselves in the garden!
There were games of cricket, pass the parcel (the prize being original stimpfield merchandise), inflatable bowling and sack racing accompanied by giant bubbles, face painting and silly amounts of glow sticks.

much fun indeedio!

Roll on stimpfield 09!

Monday, August 18, 2008



My boyfriend and i spent last week up in north yorkshire with the cows and the sheep, which was rather nice.

On our last night up there, we went to the last night of the proms at Castle Howard: a classical music spectacular if you will.
The rain managed to hold off so that we could enjoy our pic nic and not get soaked whilst waving our flags to the William Tell Overture and other such delights.

And... i couldn't resist - The T Pot!

ey-up, ee-by-gum and all that other northern nonsense!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Its been a much longer time than we anticipated since issue B hit the shelves, but finally-finally- C has arrived.
and its crammed full of lazy soosan goodness. so yes - you know the drill: pick yourself up a copy right here from our etsy shop

and also, for those of you have already bought yourselves a copy; click here for the answers to that practically cryptic crossword...!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

hello stranger!

yes, hello stranger!

hope everyone is having a lovely time in the sunshine. thank good-ness that summer is finally upon us.
In other news, i've been shopping. shopping for ribbon. a very good kind of shopping indeed.

be back soon.x

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



This weekend, lucy and i went to wood festival; a brand-spanking-new, eco-friendly, folk festival celebrating music and nature. fabulous!

As well as live music for entertainment, there were heaps of workshops to participate in; Print making, jewellery making, harmony singing, tai chi, mural painting, aerobics and junk instruments to name but a few.

Lucy and i were most upset, however, to discover that the 'make our own costume and march in a parade' workshop was actually for children...!

What with it being May an' all, and the weather having taken a turn for the worse, it was rather darn cold! So, rather understandably, the campfire became the place to be as the night drew on, and also, the perfect place to start the day feeling a little worse for wear whilst waiting for the workshops and music to begin!

To help minimise any negative effect on the environment, each stage was powered by a different renewable source of energy: the wood stage by solar power, the tree tent by bio diesel (chip fat!) and the most exciting: the magnificent revolution dj/cinema tent was powered by people cycling on a row of bikes lined up at the back of the tent; a perfect way to work off those 'one too many' beer calories!

The eco-friendly self-composting toilets however, weren't quite such a novelty, as you can imagine!

The music was folk-and-country-tastic! best of the weekend though has to be Stornoway and the wonderful Sam Isaac for sure. I downloaded everything they both have available on itunes as soon as i got back, and haven't stopped listening since!

And now we're back in civillisation, although we almost didnt make it out of the field due to my car being stuck in a ditch..! but yes, we're showered, rested and back in the land of the flushing toilet, which will never be taken for-granted again!
And we're doing it all over again in a couple of months at Truck festival! hoorah! roll on July!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

dont panic

dont panic

this is my entry for dont panic's monthly 'design the poster' competition, and i would very much appreciate your vote!
so yes, pop along and... for me!

ta very much!

Sunday, May 11, 2008



Instead of your average, run-of-the-mill birthday card, i decorated a plain fan from hobby craft for hélène, and it turned out pretty nice. i am now officially a fan, of fans.


Saturday, May 10, 2008



Last weekend, what with it being bank holiday an' all, Louise and i decided to spend the day culturing and educating ourselves by having a museum day. We visited the Natural History Museum, The V & A, and the Science Museum.

At The Natural History Museum we mostly looked at dinosaurs and rocks... lots of rocks... We tried to find the diamonds, went through the centre of the earth and felt an earthquake... We saw birds and a couple of bears and a fat panda, so that was fun!

After that, we crossed the road to the V & A Museum, where we looked at the fashion collection, spent money in the shop, lunched in the courtyard, and moseyed around the Blood on Paper exhibition.

Next, we headed across to the Science Museum. I had forgotten how much fun that place is... especially the launchpad - oh to be ten years old again...!
There was an exhibition on called Plasticity, celebrating 100 years of making plastics, which was rather fantastic!

(We also may have possibly taken a ride on the sponge bob squarepants simulator ride... but probably shouldnt admit to that part...!)

and after all that, we had a nice sit down on the grass watching the people and pigeons come and go... before heading to the pub for a much needed drink.

The End.
hopefully museum day number two will follow shortly...