Tuesday, May 20, 2008



This weekend, lucy and i went to wood festival; a brand-spanking-new, eco-friendly, folk festival celebrating music and nature. fabulous!

As well as live music for entertainment, there were heaps of workshops to participate in; Print making, jewellery making, harmony singing, tai chi, mural painting, aerobics and junk instruments to name but a few.

Lucy and i were most upset, however, to discover that the 'make our own costume and march in a parade' workshop was actually for children...!

What with it being May an' all, and the weather having taken a turn for the worse, it was rather darn cold! So, rather understandably, the campfire became the place to be as the night drew on, and also, the perfect place to start the day feeling a little worse for wear whilst waiting for the workshops and music to begin!

To help minimise any negative effect on the environment, each stage was powered by a different renewable source of energy: the wood stage by solar power, the tree tent by bio diesel (chip fat!) and the most exciting: the magnificent revolution dj/cinema tent was powered by people cycling on a row of bikes lined up at the back of the tent; a perfect way to work off those 'one too many' beer calories!

The eco-friendly self-composting toilets however, weren't quite such a novelty, as you can imagine!

The music was folk-and-country-tastic! best of the weekend though has to be Stornoway and the wonderful Sam Isaac for sure. I downloaded everything they both have available on itunes as soon as i got back, and haven't stopped listening since!

And now we're back in civillisation, although we almost didnt make it out of the field due to my car being stuck in a ditch..! but yes, we're showered, rested and back in the land of the flushing toilet, which will never be taken for-granted again!
And we're doing it all over again in a couple of months at Truck festival! hoorah! roll on July!



pozinhos... said...

this is what I call "The Festival" great, wish I could come :)

Elvina said...

This is great info to know.