Wednesday, December 20, 2006

its beginning to to look a lot like christmas
yesyesyes i think that christmas fever has finally reached me. and all it took was for me to take an hour and a half break to sit down and watch home alone 2 whilst wrapping all my christmas presents. i dont know why i didnt think of it before. still it wont be properly christmas till im back home in a nice warm house with a lovely big tree and a crazed cat attempting to launch himself into afforementioned tree. *sighs* cant wait :o)!
but yes, my youngest sister said that all she wanted for christmas was a mix cd. which seems like a fair request i guess... but i felt guilty about not spending much on her so i got her something small to go with them. so these are they. the cd's.
each is named after one song on the CD. "blacking out the friction" is a death cab song, and this cd has lots of happy clappy dance along songs. tilly and the wall, hellogoodbye, the get up kids... and so on. "written for girls" is a song by camera obscura [actually called "books written for girls"] and this cd has lots of soppy slow songs on. the kind that girls love to listen to to think about boys to... right? its got some last days of april, ben kweller, pedro the lion and many other treats.
the covers are printed on fabric, and the track listing is just slipped inside along with the disc. mmmmm :o)

oh i cant wait to go home!
i can almost smell the honey roast parsnips :o)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

the headless kitten pandemic has been resolved, although one was sacrificed in the process. it was a little disturbing, it's stuffing was oozing out and it's sides were splitting, but none the less, we got through the situation with three healthy kittens. all ready for christmas. one for mum, one for jo, and one for katie.

although why i saw fit to be sewing their heads on unitl 1am is beyond me. still one less thing to think about before christmas. although wrapping them could be a tricky task. i have named them itsy, bitsy & mitsy. yesyesyes. and thank you to lucy for explaining how to sew their heads on. although now my finger is a little sore...!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my christmas cards are now finished. hoorah! i decided to scrap the star people.
so yes, today so far has been spent doing that as opposed to work. hmmm.

only two designs. time is of the essence dont know you.


today i had a rather wonderful day drawing watering cans. not just for the fun of it mind you, it was for orange. based around the 'caring for the environment' keyword. i figured that watering cans help us to water our plants and keep our gardens nice and healthy, and i think i quite like the shape of them... well after today i definitely do.
so yes, here they are:

but then i discovered that they look rather interesting without the outlines. now ithink i prefer them the other way... but the consensus at uni was definitely against me.


i bought some pots from good ol' waitrose, the perfect kind, the exact ones i had in mind, and i had no idea they sold them, and for only £2.50. excellent news. but yes, i bought them to put my star people in and to put my knitted hearts in as christmas gifts. and heres the finished product :o)

*star people*


so that is that. for now. and tomorrow my kittens will be put out of their misery thank goodness thanks to the lovely lucy :o)
eek and it is so close to christmas. so so close. and i am still not ready. cripes!!! i need to make christmas cards... and a mix cd for natalie, and cookies for everyone. and oh goodness. i'll get there in the end, im sure.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

welcome... one and all to my third and hopefully final attempt at this malarchy. i migrated to beta.blogger but sadly, in the process managed to use my previous url, so now i am here, at wellillbedarnedtoo. which, lets face it, is a bit rubbish. i think ill get on to the powers that be a blogger and find out if there is any way to rectify this situation...!
but yes, i have been busy, in a manner of speaking, i think that i have finally, after many years of practice, mastered the fine art of procrastination. which in turn means that my christmas is going to be a big mess of stress due to impending deadlines. nice.

currently im working on 2 briefs for uni, one is a film piece which i am not too happy about, and the second is for the YCN awards and has been commissioned by the people at orange. the brief is to simply illustrate a list of key words, provided by the company. this is just a roungh initial idea for "bigger network"

their mouths will all be joined up somehow i think, or i was contemplating laying them out in some sort of family tree style, although when i tried this, it didnt look too hot, but i will see what kat has to say tomorrow.

as i mention before, i have been having a wonderful time procrastinating. ive been making some pointy kittys from the free pattern at wee.wonderfuls for christmas gifts, but i am horribly stuck. for some reason or another i cannot for the life of me figure out how to attatch the heads to the bodies, so what i have at the moment looks like some sort of freaky kitten massacre. which isnt good. i definitely need lucy's help! and while i was there, i wanted to make some funny star people to feature on my christmas cards...

but i dont think they look very christmassy really... not yet anyway. hmm. im sure ill be bored again sometime soon, and wanting to put off my work, so some more work can be done to them.
in other news, christmas shopping is still not done. and now it is becoming a chore.
and so to bed. iots rather too late to still be up.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i had the best time...

i had the best time ever in the garden centre with the fish and the nice man who got very excited at my interest in them. he kept dragging me round showing me the pretty ones. he couldnt seem to understand that i was only interested in the goldfish. he seemed to think i should pay special interest to the black and white spotted eel, which eyeballed me for a split second before lashing out at me and hitting its face on the glass. which in turn made me jump and the little man found this most amusing. maybe this was his intention. hmmm.
im gonna go to pets at home in a bit. think ill drag lucy along with me...! apparently i just cant seem to get enough fish. which is odd.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i want...

i want to learn how to crochet for this simple reason:

isn't it wonderful??

Monday, November 20, 2006


the external conext brief i am working on is based on a film script by deva palmier called fishy. its about a woman called glenda, who seems to be in some sort of dispair, she's not functioning very well in the real world, and cannot get a job. she lives in a bleak bedsit above a pub, with her pet freddie the goldfish. she develops a rather unnatural attatchment to him and throughout the film we see her increasingly attempting to emmulate freddie's behaviour. she eats his fish food and dons an orange swimsuit and goggles whilst lying on the floor darting about like a fish would. the climax of the film sees glenda turn into a goldfish and she appears in the fish bowl with freddie whilst her employment officer crosses glenda off her list [illustrating her departure from the world.] however, within seconds glenda realises that it is now impossible for her and freddie to be fed... and finally cries for help, but it is too late.

now, we all got the script and it seems that we have drastically over-analysed it. for it is not about suicide or depression or anything particularly sad atall. there are no metaphors concerning the fish, or the fish bowl, it is simply about a woman who quite fancied being a fish. hmmm.

this is the plate that i painted last week for my grandma for christmas. i picked it up today and its all nice and shiny. im not sure if rainbow stripes were the best course of action for a christmas tree shaped plate, but nonetheless i think its nice. the woman at the shop seemed to think i was a little crazy though... "we haven't had any others like that..." she said. hmmm. nevermind. my grandma will have to like it, unconditional love and all that...!

right. now back to work.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

made with love

today and yesterday have been devoted to knitting hearts. [which wasn't a particularly wise use of my time, im sure...] and now i have four. which is fun. theyre super simple to make, and i intend to make some more for chirstmas. i know jo loves lavender, as does my grandma so i could make some scented ones for them. i could sew some buttons and ribbons on to hang them up with. yes. i think that is what i shall do.

as for my work, i havent got much further, but tomorrow is going to be dedicated to sequential narrative. mustmustmust be productive. but as for now, i am tired. very tired. and my bed is calling.


starting againagain..


so yes, i am starting againagain.
i have moved here from vox mainly because although vox is all very pretty and easy and whatnot... its rather restrictive and quite clumsy in places. so yes it seems that here i can do what i want, with the bonus of image hosting. hoorah indeed!

and thats the end of that story.
as for the future, i will post up pictures of my work and of anything else nifty that i happen to make, or come across.