Wednesday, December 13, 2006

today i had a rather wonderful day drawing watering cans. not just for the fun of it mind you, it was for orange. based around the 'caring for the environment' keyword. i figured that watering cans help us to water our plants and keep our gardens nice and healthy, and i think i quite like the shape of them... well after today i definitely do.
so yes, here they are:

but then i discovered that they look rather interesting without the outlines. now ithink i prefer them the other way... but the consensus at uni was definitely against me.


i bought some pots from good ol' waitrose, the perfect kind, the exact ones i had in mind, and i had no idea they sold them, and for only £2.50. excellent news. but yes, i bought them to put my star people in and to put my knitted hearts in as christmas gifts. and heres the finished product :o)

*star people*


so that is that. for now. and tomorrow my kittens will be put out of their misery thank goodness thanks to the lovely lucy :o)
eek and it is so close to christmas. so so close. and i am still not ready. cripes!!! i need to make christmas cards... and a mix cd for natalie, and cookies for everyone. and oh goodness. i'll get there in the end, im sure.

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