Wednesday, December 20, 2006

its beginning to to look a lot like christmas
yesyesyes i think that christmas fever has finally reached me. and all it took was for me to take an hour and a half break to sit down and watch home alone 2 whilst wrapping all my christmas presents. i dont know why i didnt think of it before. still it wont be properly christmas till im back home in a nice warm house with a lovely big tree and a crazed cat attempting to launch himself into afforementioned tree. *sighs* cant wait :o)!
but yes, my youngest sister said that all she wanted for christmas was a mix cd. which seems like a fair request i guess... but i felt guilty about not spending much on her so i got her something small to go with them. so these are they. the cd's.
each is named after one song on the CD. "blacking out the friction" is a death cab song, and this cd has lots of happy clappy dance along songs. tilly and the wall, hellogoodbye, the get up kids... and so on. "written for girls" is a song by camera obscura [actually called "books written for girls"] and this cd has lots of soppy slow songs on. the kind that girls love to listen to to think about boys to... right? its got some last days of april, ben kweller, pedro the lion and many other treats.
the covers are printed on fabric, and the track listing is just slipped inside along with the disc. mmmmm :o)

oh i cant wait to go home!
i can almost smell the honey roast parsnips :o)

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