Sunday, February 11, 2007

yesterday, whilst sitting at my till, the guardian caught my eye as it went through the scanner. heres why:

yesyesyes a free origami kit, a "family pullout". so when i got off work, i ran to the newspapers and bagged myself a copy.
and here below are the fruits of my labour. there are still 5 more animals to make an' all!

that would be [form left to right...] the crane the penguin, the pg, the swan, the butterfly, the hummingbird and the parrot. still to make are the sloth, the snake, the fox, the cricket and the cicada... the pack even came with pretty patterned paper to cut out to use. i cant wait to get back to farnham so i can make some more with all those bundles of left over origami paper. aieeeee!

god bless the guardian for keeping me busy
weapon. x

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