Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Hat Brownies

Last night was our 5th annual 'Uni friends' Christmas Party where it is tradition to bring along your very best culinary efforts for all to share. I whipped up a batch of these super simple Santa Hat Brownies (via Daisy's World). Very quick and easy to make and perfectly festive - I foresee at least two more batches needing to be made before the season is through!

We had the traditional french onion soup, complete with grated cheese and croutons, pigs in blankets, a vast selection of cheese and crackers, mulled wine, and an extremely yummy Nutella cheesecake made by Lucy. I'm so about the Christmas treats right now!

I've also got my hands on some reusable fabric Christmas wrap from Evergreen Wrap. The patterns are super cute, and the website is full of tutorials on how to wrap different shaped objects. It's faster and greener than wrapping paper, and you can even turn it into a bag once you're done! Win-Win!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Need a little Christmas

After 20 odd years of leaving Christmas until the last minute, I've finally cracked it over the last couple of years! I'm really nearly ready, although not completely, so I probably shouldn't start with the celebrations just yet. I have 2 more gifts left to get, wrapping to do and stockings to finish making. Then I'm done...!

The Christmas cards I designed came back from the printers looking lovely. Now I just need to get them written... thats another job for the list then...!

We've also got the decorations up, having spent a fortune in M&S, whose christmas range is pretty ace this year. I'm also very happy to bang out the knitted letter and wooden snowflake decorations I picked up in Target whilst in Florida.

The tree and ten ton of fairy lights makes the living room super cosy, helped along by christmas music - I am loving the she & him christmas album, and the Slow Club Christmas EP too. I'm still making my mind up on Smith & Burrows' Funny Looking Angels,, but am rather disappointed by Emmy the Great's offering with Tim Wheeler... odd. Very odd. Anyhoo, must press on. Christmas doesn't do itself...!