Tuesday, March 27, 2007

as you can tell, ive been busy making lots of lovely little origami stars. 100 infact. someone taught me how to make them back in secondary school in a maths class i seem to remember, but whilst out shopping on monday, i found a little pack complete with 100 strips of paper and a booklet detailing how to make them and suggestions as to what to do with them.
ive put mine in a jar, a rather large jar, and my aim is to fill it. maybe i should impose a deadline... but yes. this was what i was doing unitl stupid o' clock last night.

my friend has been going on at me to make him some sort of cover for his ipod for a while now. and seeing as it was his birthday last week, it seemed only fair that he should get one. and of course, i made one for myself while i was at it! his is the black and white one with the red lining, and mine is the green one with the horse shoes on. he seemed to like it so yes. success!

lots more to come, as soon as the weekend is through.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

so ive been doing lots of work, or trying to atleast, but ended up going waaaay off point... and whilst on this little tangent i had much fun playing with projection and stencils and.. yes. but now i need to focus again. focus.focus.focus.
so yes, that is all for now, back to work i goooo...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

yes, this is a rather large update today...!

last sunday we had a spur of the moment group bowling trip which was super fun! i was a little rubbish though... lucy (darn that juice) did exceptionally well, quite the little bowling star she was!
of course as with any bowling trip, the clown shoes were the highlight...! but lucy and russell got special orthapedic looking ones which were the source of much envy from the rest of us!

ooohhhh and my moo cards arrived. hoorah! lookie lookie:

theyre so lovely and small! i just keep getting them out to look at them. yu-uh-uummmm!

yesterday lucy came over and we had the most wonderful time hunting through all the charity shops in farnham and the kids craft section in tesco, oh and peacocks too! we found many treasures, including some pretty fabrics, 3 super cheap patterned bags, 4 chick shaped egg cosies [2 each!] some funny little easter stamps and ice cream shaped bubble blowers. nice nice nice!

i also found this fabulous cardigan in one of the charity shops:

what an excellent find!
and speaking of excellent finds, i found this lovely crotched rug. i've wanted one for aaages now, and i was expecting it to be super expensive, but imagine my joy when i found out that it was only £1.99! crikey! it is a little tatty and im not sure about a couple of the colours, but i love it all the same. and its huuuuge!

and thats just about it for now... in other news, i had to post off my work for the ycn awards today. scary stuff. so i got it all wrapped up in brown paper and sent it off ready for inspection. heres hoping eh..?! i wont hold out too much. but all the same it'd be nice to be featured in one of their wonderful books.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

so yes, my mothers day efforts are now complete. i made this oven glove... well not really a glove... not even a mitt.. i dont know what you call them but we have them at home... i think theyre supposed to come in pairs, but this one is a singular. i never use both at the same time so in my eyes the second would simply be redundant...!

i got rather scared sewing the criss-crosses through... scared that i would ruin what i had done so far, and ruin my sewing machine. but happily neither of these occured. hoorah!

so that shall be added to the framed photo of me and my sisters and the teacup card. just need me some wrapping paper.

aaand, ive been meaning to make these since i found it in good ol' tesco. only £2 or something. ruddy bloody bargain! there were quite a few too, but this one took my fancy. so yes, soon i shall be adorned with beautiful animal badges! jealous anyone? you should be!

that is all for now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a quick catch up...

busy busy busy i have been. what with my fmp and the amount of dilly-dallying i seem to do. but yes, heres a little update as to what ive been keeping busy with...
ive made these lovely little cat and dog origami finger puppets. the patter for whihc will be included in my project as part of the creative self help guide. theyre so much fun and look just lovely all together.

its mothers day on sunday, and this is the card i have made for my mum. shes a right ol' tea monster, so this seems rather fitting. i sewed a tea bag inside... not that she will be able to use it... but yes. i thought it was fun! the gift however, is yet to be made... eeep. yet to even be inspired... hmmm. ill get on that asap!

and this is a lovely [if a little plump...!] knitted rabbit from a pattern found at HeartStrings. just made from one simple square, so thats nice and easy! the ears are a little deformed...! it has no face because the one in the picture was also faceless... but i think it needs one... two little beady black eyes... yesyesyes.