Tuesday, March 20, 2007

yes, this is a rather large update today...!

last sunday we had a spur of the moment group bowling trip which was super fun! i was a little rubbish though... lucy (darn that juice) did exceptionally well, quite the little bowling star she was!
of course as with any bowling trip, the clown shoes were the highlight...! but lucy and russell got special orthapedic looking ones which were the source of much envy from the rest of us!

ooohhhh and my moo cards arrived. hoorah! lookie lookie:

theyre so lovely and small! i just keep getting them out to look at them. yu-uh-uummmm!

yesterday lucy came over and we had the most wonderful time hunting through all the charity shops in farnham and the kids craft section in tesco, oh and peacocks too! we found many treasures, including some pretty fabrics, 3 super cheap patterned bags, 4 chick shaped egg cosies [2 each!] some funny little easter stamps and ice cream shaped bubble blowers. nice nice nice!

i also found this fabulous cardigan in one of the charity shops:

what an excellent find!
and speaking of excellent finds, i found this lovely crotched rug. i've wanted one for aaages now, and i was expecting it to be super expensive, but imagine my joy when i found out that it was only £1.99! crikey! it is a little tatty and im not sure about a couple of the colours, but i love it all the same. and its huuuuge!

and thats just about it for now... in other news, i had to post off my work for the ycn awards today. scary stuff. so i got it all wrapped up in brown paper and sent it off ready for inspection. heres hoping eh..?! i wont hold out too much. but all the same it'd be nice to be featured in one of their wonderful books.


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darn that juice said...

o what a lovely post, i pretty much posted about the same things. loving the cardie miss suits you. thanks for my comment bout my tea cup.

good luck for ycn