Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a quick catch up...

busy busy busy i have been. what with my fmp and the amount of dilly-dallying i seem to do. but yes, heres a little update as to what ive been keeping busy with...
ive made these lovely little cat and dog origami finger puppets. the patter for whihc will be included in my project as part of the creative self help guide. theyre so much fun and look just lovely all together.

its mothers day on sunday, and this is the card i have made for my mum. shes a right ol' tea monster, so this seems rather fitting. i sewed a tea bag inside... not that she will be able to use it... but yes. i thought it was fun! the gift however, is yet to be made... eeep. yet to even be inspired... hmmm. ill get on that asap!

and this is a lovely [if a little plump...!] knitted rabbit from a pattern found at HeartStrings. just made from one simple square, so thats nice and easy! the ears are a little deformed...! it has no face because the one in the picture was also faceless... but i think it needs one... two little beady black eyes... yesyesyes.

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deb said...

hi laura,
i just came to have a beak at your blog after spotting the link on lucy's and i loooooove those little origami cats and dogs - so very cute! your final major project sounds fun indeed.

ps. i also love the mothers day card! lucky mummy, i need to get making my mum one.