Thursday, March 15, 2007

so yes, my mothers day efforts are now complete. i made this oven glove... well not really a glove... not even a mitt.. i dont know what you call them but we have them at home... i think theyre supposed to come in pairs, but this one is a singular. i never use both at the same time so in my eyes the second would simply be redundant...!

i got rather scared sewing the criss-crosses through... scared that i would ruin what i had done so far, and ruin my sewing machine. but happily neither of these occured. hoorah!

so that shall be added to the framed photo of me and my sisters and the teacup card. just need me some wrapping paper.

aaand, ive been meaning to make these since i found it in good ol' tesco. only £2 or something. ruddy bloody bargain! there were quite a few too, but this one took my fancy. so yes, soon i shall be adorned with beautiful animal badges! jealous anyone? you should be!

that is all for now.

1 comment:

darn that juice said...

aah me love thats bootiful if i was your mother i would be so proud

o yes and pleased to be receiving such a bootiful mothers day present.
if you go to tesco again and those things are there can you get me one ta xxx