Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Elton the Snowman

Elton the Snowman

Meet Elton the Snowman!
My sister and I regressed to childhood and rushed out back to make this cheery little chappy having escaped work early on account of all the snow. Turns out that Snowman Making, though heaps of fun, is a pretty tiring and cold business - who'd have thunk it?! We finished out our snow session with some snow angels, and rushed back inside for some hot chocolate!

So now Elton is all alone in the back garden getting colder and colder I should imagine. I was worried about him getting a bit lonely, but he looks pretty happy, so he must be fine!


Monday, January 04, 2010

Rob Ryan @ YSP

Rob Ryan @ YSP

I picked up the new Rob Ryan book on a recent trip to Ryantown on Columbia Road. The book contains heaps of lovely pictures of Mr Ryan's studio, shop, and of course his work, but mainly focuses on and accompanies his recent project/exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park: Rob has designed 11 huuuge paper cuts - one for each of the windows in the visitor centre concourse. So, as i was heading up north for Christmas anyway, it seemed a perfect opportunity to pop along!

They're pretty amazing to walk amongst, not only due to their size, but also due to the shadows they throw across the space, the way the intersect the (snowy) landscape behind them, and of course the lovely little details.

Upstairs there is plenty more Rob Ryan goodness to soak up - an exhibition packed with all sorts of paper-cut and screen print treasures...

And then of course there's the shop...! I nearly spent far much more money than was wise, but managed to rationalise my load down to just a mug, which is sitting proudly next to me now full of pineapple squash.

Paul and i had a lovely time drifting in and out of Rob Ryan world. Its a pretty romantic date, this exhibition, and one that i would highly reccomend if you do manage to find yourself up'north before 21st February. Plus there's heaps of other great stuff to check out around the rest of the park, and some lovely walks too... although a little slippy in the snow!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Make Lounge

Metal Snap Frame Purses @ The Make Lounge

Back in September, Lucy arranged a super fantastic hen party for Colette which included a jewellery making workshop at The Make Lounge in Islington. It is a seriously amazing place with workshops for pretty much everything crafty: cupcake decorating, cushion covering, amigurumi, embroidery, overlocking, you can even sew yourself a pair of knickers!

We couldnt resist the Metal snap frame purse workshop, so booked ourselves in just before Christmas. And these are the results!

The Make Lounge has the perfect atmosphere for crafting. Very relaxed and friendly, the workshop and store are just beautiful, and the teachers are all very clever and helpful.

The purses were a lot easier to make than they look, thanks to the imparting of wisdom from the experts, and we got to take the pattern home, so we bought ourselves some supplies (yes indeed - some more lovely Michael Miller fabric!), and rushed home to make more. Ta daa: perfect Christmas presents for little sisters!

mmmm, cupcake decorating next methinks!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas lights

Blinded by the lights...

To mark the official end of Christmas, i thought i would finally post the pictures of the extra special display of Christmas lights at one particularly festive house in Northolt, as promised last month.

They're nothing short of spectacular - you can see them for pretty much miles up the road! They have pictures being projected onto the house, and statues in every window!

Pretty special eh?