Monday, February 02, 2009

snow time!

snow time

So, its been brewing for a while now, but last night, the snow finally hit. The heaviest snow in the last 18 years that is...! London trains and buses were cancelled, airports and schools closed, and the office was pretty much empty.

I do love snow. especially when its this thick and crunchy! i decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and take an afternoon stroll down to the duck-pond. (very picture heavy...!)

Their green and indigo flashes are super pretty. and their legs seemed to be extra-specially orange! I wasn't allowed to feed them, but they seemed to be happily munching on goodness-knows-what under the snow.

I continued my walk up to the Great Barn and Manor Farm House before finding myself in St Martins Churchyard all of which had been completed transformed by the heavy dusting of snow, and looked all rather quaint indeed.

The snow didn't really stop all day, and by 3pm it was threatening to get heavier, so, while i still had a tiny amount of sensation remaining in my feet, i carefully dashed home along the slippery, slushy pavements, back to the saftey of my own back garden, a cup of hot chocolate and a steaming hot bath! (very much in that order!)

There are heaps more photos from my wintery walkabout on my flickr, so if you're not all snowed-out yet, click on the picture below to take a peek!

Now all thats left to do is hope and pray that it wont have all disappeared by the time i wake up tomorrow morning. that would be very sad indeed! I hope that everyone is enjoying this lovely spell of snow, take care, and try not to slip up!