Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i am officially a very bad girlfriend. i had assumed that seeing as paul and i would not be seeing each other until the weekend, that i would not need to sort out a card until then. but this morning, i got a whole pack of stuff from him in the post. which was super lovely, but boy do i feel bad!
so i made this to e-mail him, by means of a temporary card, until he gets the real thing on saturday. :o)

today, i have been trying my darndest to teach myself how to crochet. and by christ has it been confusing. probably because ive been reading instructions from no less then 4 books, and numerous websites. well, id imagine that would help simplify things. and the whole single, double, half double and triple aint making my life any easier either. but yes, heres some pictures detailing my plight so far...

yes yes yes, the crochet hooks that i bought for 5p each from the mansfield hospital shop snapped. both did infact. which was rather saddening for a while. but after using the tiny little stub that was left for a row or two, i decided that...

uh-huh, i decided that gaffa-tape would do the trick, which it did with the aid of a cocktail stick strategically positioned as a splint. so yes, i got back on the crochet horse, so to speak and ended up with this:

now, i have no idea if this is right or wrong... even if it is croceting, but nevermind. ill carry on like this and see where i get if it starts making anymore sense im gonna rush myself down to hobbycraft and invet in some proper crochet thread. ooh, and a new, preferably metal, crochet hook after todays escapades.
so between this and dawsons creek i havent been particularly productive. apart from making a start to my research for my final major project of course. made a couple of sketch books, and getting lots of info and whatnot. got to arrange a couple of interviews, and then i can begin to put my presentation together. doo-be-doooo.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

yesterday, whilst sitting at my till, the guardian caught my eye as it went through the scanner. heres why:

yesyesyes a free origami kit, a "family pullout". so when i got off work, i ran to the newspapers and bagged myself a copy.
and here below are the fruits of my labour. there are still 5 more animals to make an' all!

that would be [form left to right...] the crane the penguin, the pg, the swan, the butterfly, the hummingbird and the parrot. still to make are the sloth, the snake, the fox, the cricket and the cicada... the pack even came with pretty patterned paper to cut out to use. i cant wait to get back to farnham so i can make some more with all those bundles of left over origami paper. aieeeee!

god bless the guardian for keeping me busy
weapon. x