Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i am officially a very bad girlfriend. i had assumed that seeing as paul and i would not be seeing each other until the weekend, that i would not need to sort out a card until then. but this morning, i got a whole pack of stuff from him in the post. which was super lovely, but boy do i feel bad!
so i made this to e-mail him, by means of a temporary card, until he gets the real thing on saturday. :o)

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darn that juice said...

huh? so what happened to well.ibedarnedtoo???? i got so confused could not find you for a while.
nice attempt at crochet please could you show me to when you have it sorted... ta very much
i got a scary card in the post today and it wasnt from russell and im a little freaked cos the message is so wrong. ill tell you on the weekend.
misss youuu xxxx