Wednesday, October 31, 2007

northern jaunt...

it was only a short break, but it was lovely to escape up to the north for a few days. paul and i headed up on sunday and returned this afternoon. but yes, we had a super time... especially seeing as we got to see the sheep blocking the road on the way to spaunton again.... :o)

paul took me up to the view point overlooking pickering one night but it was pitch black and rather eerie, so i demanded he bring me back at sunset one day, and im so glad he did, as it was rather special...

lovely.lovely.lovely :o)
i rescued this lens from an old broken camera and spent the rest of the trip taking photos through it! what fun! i have hundreds of these photos... but for now heres two....!

so yes, after lots of catching up with friends and family, a good amount of shopping, and some good ol' yorkshire fresh air, we began the long road trip home.

and i think i miss it already. it was a perfect few days. its a shame reality can't wait any longer...! still, theres plenty to get on with back home. it feels like birthday central around these parts at the moment...! so many presents to wrap, some still to make, and the cards...! yikes! i best get on it!
nope, reality definitely cannot be delayed.


Monday, October 22, 2007


this weeks IF theme is grow and here lyeth my entry.

i was tempted just to enter my watering can image, the one i did for the orange brief at uni last year, but that felt a little too lazy...! but yes, here are the watering cans again anyway... but look.... this time theyre green...! fabulous!

and now for a quick hama update....! my happy hama bead family is growing faster by the second :o) right now im working on some cup cakes and some badges, so we shall see if they work out...! but yes, now i have ducks and an apple and a chick and some birthday cakes and so on!
i wonder if i'll ever be able to stop...!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

hama time


hoorah! so yes, as promised here is a quick post about my renewed obsession with hama beads.

this is my attempt to "hama-ise" my drawings...! i think they look rather cute actually. although the necks are extreeeemely fragile... eeep!

this pattern is a slight variation on a design found in the hama bead inspiration pool on flickr from altered angel. well, actually it was made by her 7 year old daughter which is rather something! i dont remember my hama creations being as artistic as this at that age!

and this pattern was found in the same place, by qalballah. i thought it was simply lovely, and wanted it for myself...!
oh goodenss... i could go on... and on... but i'll stop now, i'll save the others for a rainy day :o)


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


so, the other day, my mum and i took on the monstrous task that was sorting out the mountains of toys and board games piled up in the play room. a lot of them dont really get used anymore, and they were just taking up space, so we dutifully organised them into 4 piles: keep, jumble, charity shop and rubbish.
so, of course there were some fabulous finds amongst the buckets of lego, heaps of sylvanian families (aw!) and multiple copies of scrable...
the most exciting of all being a box full of hama beads! hoorah! so naturally i got straight to work..!

(just as a warning; there will be a post sometime in the near future showcasing my many hama bead creations, especially thanks to the discovery of the hama bead inspiration group on flickr... yesyesyes!)

the cats were looking a little bemused as we lugged 12 (yes, 12!!!) black sacks downstairs, and migrated to the sewing room for some peace and quiet...

thats cleo...

and this is oli. the naughty one... but he was being uncharacteristically sensible here... funny little thing..!

ta raa for now...

Monday, October 15, 2007

extremely... anything

this weeks IF theme is extremes.

"The air is an extremely dangerous, jealous and exacting mistress. Once under the spell most lovers are faithful to the end, which is not always old age. Even those masters and princes of aerial fighting, the survivors of fifty mortal duels in the high air who have come scatheless through the War and all its perils, have returned again and again to their love and perished too often in some ordinary commonplace flight undertaken for pure amusement."

— Sir Winston Churchill, 'Thoughts and Adventures,' 1932.

in other news... on a recent charity-shop-shopping-spree, i happened across these 4 little books. one being Seridan's "School for Scandal" which excited me muchly and brought back lots of memories from the school production many many moons ago :o)
but yes, these books are such a lovely size. i think all books should be this size. so easy to slip in your pocket, the ultimate travelling companion! and the fact that theyre 110 years old each, only makes them all the more enchanting...

and finally...
heres a little something ive been working on... these notebooks aren't finished yet, but heres a little sneak preview...

so yes, thats all for nowwww...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


this weeks IF entry. lalalalalaaa.

i've been.busy.busy at school again, today, with the year 4's, we were making felt pannels for a huge african quilt, and with the year 6's we were making photo frames from clay. lots of fun, but also lots of mess... not a good day to have worn black trousers...! ooopsies!

and thats all for now... short and sweet, i know...!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

tomorrow is my last day of work experience with the infant school, nex week i head up to the juniors to spend time with the art teacher. ive heard a lot of good things about her so it should be a lot of fun. so, yes i made these cards to thank the teachers and the children whose classes i was helping in. each class is named after a colour so the colours of the cards correspond to the relevant class.

it has been a lot of fun so far, all the teachers seem to have got wind of the fact that i am particularly fond of creative activities, so they have been saving their art lessons for the day that i was with them. we've made tiger masks, done weaving with wool and painted carribean style landscapes. oh to be a child again...!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


yesyesyes, my organisational needs for 2008 are officially catered for...! my first moleskin is the limited edition weekly planner in RED. yum. it comes complete with stickers and a little tabbed booklet. too exciting for words methinks... roll on january 1st i say... i wanna crack this baby open a.s.a.p..!

and this, this is a loverly set of 3 tins from ikea. i think that its designed for storing tea and coffee in... so that fact that i drink neither probably makes this a rather unessesary purchase... but what the hey! im sure ill find something to put in it...!

now, ive been meaning to write about the lomo world congress since i went.. a while ago now, but yes, ive finally gotten around to doing it.
right in the centre of trafalgar square was this huge maze of.. well... photographs. wall upon wall of them. it really was something. the LomoWorldWall. in an attempt to create the largest, most colourful and diverse lomographic portrait of the goings on on the surface of the earth, lomographers from all corners of the globe were invited to contribute by designing segments of these maze walls.

it was absolutely amazing to be completely surrounded by all these beautifully designed walls and to get physically lost within them, but the fact that when you suddenly found yourself again, you would be greeted by aspects of london's finest scenery, only made it all the more special.

wellwellwell. i should be off now, bedtime has been and gone... :os
so yes.


whilst gazing across the piles and piles of books my sister is storing in the the playroom, i came across this one. sarah & hoppity. i remember reading it over and over at my grandparents house (where it used to live). it used to be my mum's whe she was little so it's getting a little tatty along the spine and is yellowing with age a bit, but nothing too bad. but yes, it's illustrated by a woman called marion wilson and the pictures are just lovely. i adore sarah's big beautiful eyes and hoppity's cheeky little face!


Monday, October 01, 2007

ta daaaaa!

ta daaaaaa!

so yes, after much anticipation (im sure...!) my website is finally complete. hopefully it will be something i will keep adding to, but of course, the more frequent updates will be right here. hoorah!

so go! go visit my brand spanking new website!



this weeks illustration friday topic is "the blues".
so yes, here is my entry along with a few more drawings ive been working on. :o)

im so super busy at the moment, what with school and everything, but i am making a concious effort to be productive when i get home, even though i may not feel like it. and my website is practically finished. should be by the end of tonight, so i will update with that as sooooon as! but yes, hoorah indeed for busy-busy-busyness... (and for playing teacher, cos thats SUPER-fun!)