Monday, October 22, 2007


this weeks IF theme is grow and here lyeth my entry.

i was tempted just to enter my watering can image, the one i did for the orange brief at uni last year, but that felt a little too lazy...! but yes, here are the watering cans again anyway... but look.... this time theyre green...! fabulous!

and now for a quick hama update....! my happy hama bead family is growing faster by the second :o) right now im working on some cup cakes and some badges, so we shall see if they work out...! but yes, now i have ducks and an apple and a chick and some birthday cakes and so on!
i wonder if i'll ever be able to stop...!



benconservato said...

I love your tree, it is so beautiful with all the overlays.

studio lolo said...

ah, yes...I love the tree too! And the watering cans are whimsical :)

cata said...

Great design!
Lovely colors.

Christine Clemmensen said...

Wonderful! The Hamas are great -- well done:)) I also really love the watering cans