Thursday, October 18, 2007

hama time


hoorah! so yes, as promised here is a quick post about my renewed obsession with hama beads.

this is my attempt to "hama-ise" my drawings...! i think they look rather cute actually. although the necks are extreeeemely fragile... eeep!

this pattern is a slight variation on a design found in the hama bead inspiration pool on flickr from altered angel. well, actually it was made by her 7 year old daughter which is rather something! i dont remember my hama creations being as artistic as this at that age!

and this pattern was found in the same place, by qalballah. i thought it was simply lovely, and wanted it for myself...!
oh goodenss... i could go on... and on... but i'll stop now, i'll save the others for a rainy day :o)



My name is Lou said...

peanut they are beautiful!!! now know what to buy you for your birthday. haha. was lovely seeing you last night...sorry for being rubbish and tired!
x x x

Christine Clemmensen said...

They are fantastic!!! Absolutely great. I'm very inspired. Thank you :-))) (and thank you for your comment;-) xx Christine