Wednesday, October 31, 2007

northern jaunt...

it was only a short break, but it was lovely to escape up to the north for a few days. paul and i headed up on sunday and returned this afternoon. but yes, we had a super time... especially seeing as we got to see the sheep blocking the road on the way to spaunton again.... :o)

paul took me up to the view point overlooking pickering one night but it was pitch black and rather eerie, so i demanded he bring me back at sunset one day, and im so glad he did, as it was rather special...

lovely.lovely.lovely :o)
i rescued this lens from an old broken camera and spent the rest of the trip taking photos through it! what fun! i have hundreds of these photos... but for now heres two....!

so yes, after lots of catching up with friends and family, a good amount of shopping, and some good ol' yorkshire fresh air, we began the long road trip home.

and i think i miss it already. it was a perfect few days. its a shame reality can't wait any longer...! still, theres plenty to get on with back home. it feels like birthday central around these parts at the moment...! so many presents to wrap, some still to make, and the cards...! yikes! i best get on it!
nope, reality definitely cannot be delayed.



deb said...

oo...i like those pictures with the camera lens.
they are tres interesting.

Anonymous said...