Tuesday, October 02, 2007


yesyesyes, my organisational needs for 2008 are officially catered for...! my first moleskin is the limited edition weekly planner in RED. yum. it comes complete with stickers and a little tabbed booklet. too exciting for words methinks... roll on january 1st i say... i wanna crack this baby open a.s.a.p..!

and this, this is a loverly set of 3 tins from ikea. i think that its designed for storing tea and coffee in... so that fact that i drink neither probably makes this a rather unessesary purchase... but what the hey! im sure ill find something to put in it...!

now, ive been meaning to write about the lomo world congress since i went.. a while ago now, but yes, ive finally gotten around to doing it.
right in the centre of trafalgar square was this huge maze of.. well... photographs. wall upon wall of them. it really was something. the LomoWorldWall. in an attempt to create the largest, most colourful and diverse lomographic portrait of the goings on on the surface of the earth, lomographers from all corners of the globe were invited to contribute by designing segments of these maze walls.

it was absolutely amazing to be completely surrounded by all these beautifully designed walls and to get physically lost within them, but the fact that when you suddenly found yourself again, you would be greeted by aspects of london's finest scenery, only made it all the more special.

wellwellwell. i should be off now, bedtime has been and gone... :os
so yes.

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