Thursday, October 04, 2007

tomorrow is my last day of work experience with the infant school, nex week i head up to the juniors to spend time with the art teacher. ive heard a lot of good things about her so it should be a lot of fun. so, yes i made these cards to thank the teachers and the children whose classes i was helping in. each class is named after a colour so the colours of the cards correspond to the relevant class.

it has been a lot of fun so far, all the teachers seem to have got wind of the fact that i am particularly fond of creative activities, so they have been saving their art lessons for the day that i was with them. we've made tiger masks, done weaving with wool and painted carribean style landscapes. oh to be a child again...!

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ksklein said...

how come i never have been to your great site before?? i´ll be back! :)

and thanks for your comment on my blog.