Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love Whitby

I &hearts Whitby

Last weekend, Paul and I headed off up north as a pre-birthday (his, not mine) treat. I managed to strike a deal for us each to choose how one day was spent. His choice: Middlesbrough (football - how did i not see that one coming?!) and my choice: Whitby. So, super sunny Saturday was spent in a crowded football stadium, and grey, miserable Sunday was spent at the beach. Of course! But nevertheless, we had a jolly ol' time both days.

Whitby was lovely. Extremely busy for a cold, wet, Sunday, but lovely all the same. We saw seagulls, coloured beach huts, the sea, boats, the 199 steps, a fortune teller, tea shops, fudge shops, fish and chip shops, a very odd knitting shop/church, and we even treated ourselves to a bit of culture with an audio tour of Whitby Abbey.

(More photos on my flickr)

We had such a lovely time that I'm rather sad to be back in the south. I even got used to driving over the winding, meandering moors, breaking for the sheep who wander out into the roads, and the complete lack of street lights ANYWHERE!

Lets go back soon please!

Sunday, September 06, 2009



TocToc is a project i have been working on with Ben Gerlis for a while now. Yesterday we finally got the website and shop up and running which is all very exciting!

TocTocs are personalised and bespoke wooden cards, suitable for any special occasion. A unique design is etched into high quality walnut and finished with 200gsm cartridge paper, and book binding cloth. They look, smell and feel great and are such a nice way to celebrate a loved one's special day - birthday, wedding, christmas, anniversary, new baby/home/job, or even just because! Pop along to the website for more information, or drop us an email if you have any queries.