Monday, January 04, 2010

Rob Ryan @ YSP

Rob Ryan @ YSP

I picked up the new Rob Ryan book on a recent trip to Ryantown on Columbia Road. The book contains heaps of lovely pictures of Mr Ryan's studio, shop, and of course his work, but mainly focuses on and accompanies his recent project/exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park: Rob has designed 11 huuuge paper cuts - one for each of the windows in the visitor centre concourse. So, as i was heading up north for Christmas anyway, it seemed a perfect opportunity to pop along!

They're pretty amazing to walk amongst, not only due to their size, but also due to the shadows they throw across the space, the way the intersect the (snowy) landscape behind them, and of course the lovely little details.

Upstairs there is plenty more Rob Ryan goodness to soak up - an exhibition packed with all sorts of paper-cut and screen print treasures...

And then of course there's the shop...! I nearly spent far much more money than was wise, but managed to rationalise my load down to just a mug, which is sitting proudly next to me now full of pineapple squash.

Paul and i had a lovely time drifting in and out of Rob Ryan world. Its a pretty romantic date, this exhibition, and one that i would highly reccomend if you do manage to find yourself up'north before 21st February. Plus there's heaps of other great stuff to check out around the rest of the park, and some lovely walks too... although a little slippy in the snow!

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