Tuesday, March 27, 2007

as you can tell, ive been busy making lots of lovely little origami stars. 100 infact. someone taught me how to make them back in secondary school in a maths class i seem to remember, but whilst out shopping on monday, i found a little pack complete with 100 strips of paper and a booklet detailing how to make them and suggestions as to what to do with them.
ive put mine in a jar, a rather large jar, and my aim is to fill it. maybe i should impose a deadline... but yes. this was what i was doing unitl stupid o' clock last night.

my friend has been going on at me to make him some sort of cover for his ipod for a while now. and seeing as it was his birthday last week, it seemed only fair that he should get one. and of course, i made one for myself while i was at it! his is the black and white one with the red lining, and mine is the green one with the horse shoes on. he seemed to like it so yes. success!

lots more to come, as soon as the weekend is through.


Colette579 said...

hi laura, it's colette, lucy's sister. they're super cool those stars, where did you get them from?

loving the ipod cases too.


well.illbedarned said...

the stars are from a shop in guildford called.. ummm hawkins bazzar i think.. yes thats right. i think it must be new 'cause i havent seen it before, but its in that whitle lion walk bit, where Next is.
nice to hear from you, hope all is well