Thursday, April 05, 2007

oodles and oodles

its been a busy couple of weeks, so this post may be a little on the bulky side...
last thursday it was dickie's birthday, and on monday, it was lucy's, and below are the cards i made for them. dickie's is on the left, and lucy's is on the right. the reason that the second one looks like the jolly roger is due to the fact that she had a pirate themed party, which was most excellent fun... but more to come on that in a bit....

for dickie's birthday present, thanks to lucy's sewing maching expertise, lucy and i made him a laptop cover with a matching sleeve for his ipod nano. sadly, we both seemed to be rather lacking in any particularly masciline fabrics, so the end result is not very manly...! but its still the bast laptop cover ive seen...;o) its all padded inside to keep his computer nice and safe and warm...!

as i was saying before, lucy had a wonderful pirate themed party, which was made even more wonderful by the fact that everyone made such an effort with their costumes and looked very piratey indeed. lucy made a jolly roger flag and her and russell made an excellent skull and crossbones cake. and there was even some blood red rum [lambrini] punch complete with floating eyeballs. we even had name tags with our very own pirate names on. excellent stuff!

and last, but not least, i went up to york with paul on monday and whilst wandering around in malton, i stumbled into a funny little shop that sold practically everything you could ever imagine. from pyjamas to frying pans. it was mostly rubbish, but i did manage to find these two nice little bundles of fat yards of fabric. one set of gingham and one set of plain, each nicely tied up with ribbon. lovelylovely. and also, whilst shopping in the beautiful knitting shop in farnham, i bought this small jar full of pretty buttons. very nice indeed!

and that, as the say, is that.
the end.

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iforwardhamish said...

boyes's is the worst shop in the world baby xxx