Monday, April 16, 2007

its been a lovely lovely easter, super sunny an' all that jazz. the 2 week break has mainly been dominated by uni work, [an update to come on that soon...] but i did manage to find time to have a scout about in farnham's finest charity shops and find mysef lots of goodies :o)
these chunky colouring pencils came tied up in a pretty ribbon which was rather nice and have come in very handy for my work.
the bracelets/necklaces below are made up of wooden beads in the shape of faces and hearts and apples and carrots. sadly they only had one of each left in the shop or i would have bought more. but yes, they are rather lovely even if the bracelets are extremely small... but then again, i suppose they werent designed for 22 year olds to wear...!

and ofcourse theres the usual reems of fabric...!
i lovelovelove the brown, yellow and orange spotty one. im just biding my time until all my work is done and i can make lots of wonderful things with all these lovely patterns...!

i bought a book of stencils from pullingers, 'family stencils' to be precise. there's a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a dog and a baby! i've been messing around with them a bit... drawing over them and colouring them in and so on... and then copying the results onto fabric... this family isn't quite normal, but i like it all the same...!

last night we had a BBQ at the house. it was nice to have the original coxbridge meadow gang back together again. paul and i bought some plastic plates and cups, all for under £3 [cheapcheapcheap!] especially for the occasion, and they almost managed to match the table cloth that i fashioned out of an old bedsheet... we cracked open a silly amount of glow sticks and had a wonderful time illuminating the garden with them.

as for now, its still super hot, and i am very much enjoying the benefits of an electric fan.

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