Sunday, December 10, 2006

welcome... one and all to my third and hopefully final attempt at this malarchy. i migrated to beta.blogger but sadly, in the process managed to use my previous url, so now i am here, at wellillbedarnedtoo. which, lets face it, is a bit rubbish. i think ill get on to the powers that be a blogger and find out if there is any way to rectify this situation...!
but yes, i have been busy, in a manner of speaking, i think that i have finally, after many years of practice, mastered the fine art of procrastination. which in turn means that my christmas is going to be a big mess of stress due to impending deadlines. nice.

currently im working on 2 briefs for uni, one is a film piece which i am not too happy about, and the second is for the YCN awards and has been commissioned by the people at orange. the brief is to simply illustrate a list of key words, provided by the company. this is just a roungh initial idea for "bigger network"

their mouths will all be joined up somehow i think, or i was contemplating laying them out in some sort of family tree style, although when i tried this, it didnt look too hot, but i will see what kat has to say tomorrow.

as i mention before, i have been having a wonderful time procrastinating. ive been making some pointy kittys from the free pattern at wee.wonderfuls for christmas gifts, but i am horribly stuck. for some reason or another i cannot for the life of me figure out how to attatch the heads to the bodies, so what i have at the moment looks like some sort of freaky kitten massacre. which isnt good. i definitely need lucy's help! and while i was there, i wanted to make some funny star people to feature on my christmas cards...

but i dont think they look very christmassy really... not yet anyway. hmm. im sure ill be bored again sometime soon, and wanting to put off my work, so some more work can be done to them.
in other news, christmas shopping is still not done. and now it is becoming a chore.
and so to bed. iots rather too late to still be up.


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