Monday, November 20, 2006


the external conext brief i am working on is based on a film script by deva palmier called fishy. its about a woman called glenda, who seems to be in some sort of dispair, she's not functioning very well in the real world, and cannot get a job. she lives in a bleak bedsit above a pub, with her pet freddie the goldfish. she develops a rather unnatural attatchment to him and throughout the film we see her increasingly attempting to emmulate freddie's behaviour. she eats his fish food and dons an orange swimsuit and goggles whilst lying on the floor darting about like a fish would. the climax of the film sees glenda turn into a goldfish and she appears in the fish bowl with freddie whilst her employment officer crosses glenda off her list [illustrating her departure from the world.] however, within seconds glenda realises that it is now impossible for her and freddie to be fed... and finally cries for help, but it is too late.

now, we all got the script and it seems that we have drastically over-analysed it. for it is not about suicide or depression or anything particularly sad atall. there are no metaphors concerning the fish, or the fish bowl, it is simply about a woman who quite fancied being a fish. hmmm.

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