Saturday, May 10, 2008



Last weekend, what with it being bank holiday an' all, Louise and i decided to spend the day culturing and educating ourselves by having a museum day. We visited the Natural History Museum, The V & A, and the Science Museum.

At The Natural History Museum we mostly looked at dinosaurs and rocks... lots of rocks... We tried to find the diamonds, went through the centre of the earth and felt an earthquake... We saw birds and a couple of bears and a fat panda, so that was fun!

After that, we crossed the road to the V & A Museum, where we looked at the fashion collection, spent money in the shop, lunched in the courtyard, and moseyed around the Blood on Paper exhibition.

Next, we headed across to the Science Museum. I had forgotten how much fun that place is... especially the launchpad - oh to be ten years old again...!
There was an exhibition on called Plasticity, celebrating 100 years of making plastics, which was rather fantastic!

(We also may have possibly taken a ride on the sponge bob squarepants simulator ride... but probably shouldnt admit to that part...!)

and after all that, we had a nice sit down on the grass watching the people and pigeons come and go... before heading to the pub for a much needed drink.

The End.
hopefully museum day number two will follow shortly...


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.lulu. said...

we heart the spongbob square pants simulator ride