Monday, November 17, 2008



So, I am a little late posting about this, but nevermind...!
A couple of weeks ago, i received a mysterious email inviting me to a 'VIP launch party', with very few clues as to what the whole business was about. When my invitation arrived in the post, there were even fewer clues; just a time, date, place and a company name: driedonpaper. The invitation itself however, was rather special indeed:

A stamp, an ink pad and a piece of yellow card: a print-it-yourself invitation! Fabulous!

Any way, yes, after a few more days of trying to unravel this cryptic conundrum all was revealed in Shoreditch Studios last week. The launch was for a new mobile phone with more features you can shake a stick at. Now this is not really my general area of interest... I'm happy as long as i can send a couple of (preferably) free text messages, make a few quick calls here and there, and play a few games of su doku... and if it looks pretty, well that's a bonus..! But yes, regardless of that, the party was still rather excellent.
pictures pictures pictures:

It was all rather 'art' focussed. Inside the first room there were several installations with themes such as time, music, robotics, the world, telephones, and so on.

There was also a wall of prints created especially for the event. Some designs were even included in the goody-bag for us to take home at the end of the night. (the goody-bags also included a t-shirt, and a memory stick)

It did infact turn out to be quite a nice night - I should mention that it was also my actual birthday night, so it was rather excellent to be provided with unlimited free champagne all night! And plus, they had my absolute dream clock there! I have been eyeing up a similar (newer) one from Habitat for about a year now... I may well just have to cave in and buy it now! Although... do they make much noise...? I wonder if it would keep me up at night with its flap-flap-flapping?
hmm... Answers on a postcard please!


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