Friday, November 30, 2007


so, yes.yes.yes i know i've been a little slack with updates of late, but i've been a little on the busy side, and i dont quite have time for a substantial update now, but i promise that there is one to come just as soon as i have time to put everything together.
in the mean time, this is a cake paul and i made for my friend louise. she was supposed to be having an operation, but somebody broke the sterilisation equipment so it all got postponed. which is probably a good thing in terms of the cake. i forgot about the whole "nil-by-mouth" thing before operations, and the cake would have gone stale by the time she got back home, so yes, at least this way she got to eat it...!
Louise has decided to blog her experiences of her ACL reconstruction so that others in her position can know what to expect from the procedure, you can find her over at a right ruddy hoot. fabulous. :o)

and that is all for now,
but yes, soon... soon there will be more.

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.lulu. said...

My cake!!!

Look, I have a blog type thing to blog my knee mending experience.