Sunday, January 13, 2008


so this weeks illustration friday topic is stitch, and here be my entry. i've cheated a little this week, and have recycled this image that i made whilst at uni, working on a project about the knit wits (the knitting circle in farnham lucy and i used to go to).
i remember it taking aaaages; hand-stitching it all, and once it was finished i spent another age animating it, sadly it didn't even get used for the project in the end, but at last now it has a purpose! hoorah indeed.

so yes, if i get inspired i may well create a new entry and withdraw this one, but for now, this will jolly well do!



peasandneedles said...

thats me!

ahh good times

Anonymous said...

clever image! things I knit always end up with extra rows!

a : )

Rui Sousa said...

Great work. nice lines.

Rrramone said...

Love those lines!

Hey Harriet said...

I'm glad it finally found a purpose! It's way cool!
That "knit wits" group sounds interesting too :)

Mam'zelle Roüge said...

Très belles illustrations !

karen said...


i really love your work!