Monday, April 28, 2008

London Zine Symposium

london zine symposium

Yesterday was the 4th annual London Zine Symposium, held at the old rag factory just off brick lane and Lucy and i decided to head on down there with a bundle of Lazy Soosan's and a positive mental attitude to see how we would fare.

It was absolutely packedto the max with both people and zines. my goodness, i have never seen so many zines! we left our Soosans on the 'individual zine' table, and went and had a look around.. or two.. or three...!

And of course it would have been impossible to not buy anything...

whoops...! but yes. the garden sketchbook is particularly lovely... as is "your face", which you can, and should read about here.

as we were in the area, in the midst of our travels to find a suitable establishment for a spot of lunch, we had a cheeky look round the sunday upmarket and happened across the bobby dazzler stall and i picked up this little beaut:

her tag reads:

"behind this angry little frown is the happyiest, most chirpyest little lassy you could ever have the fortune to meet."

i love her. to bits!

aaand finally, as the weather was pretty darn wonderful this saturday, my boyfriend and i found ourselves searching for a suitable outdoors activity. our conclusion wasnt quite the most conventional, nor the most successful, but never the less it was fun.
We each bought ourselves a model to build, and took our places in the back garden!
I bought this wooden fish... which was rather fiddly (the gills took forever!) but definitely lots of fun to make. Paul built a plane.

and that is that.
back soon :o)


Wes said...

That's my table to the very left of your top picture!

Also (I know this cos the author was on my table)... that Soul Catch Fire you have there is one of only 3 existing first edition copies... I've got one of the other two ; )

peasandneedles said...

and i got the other one woooo x

Littleclouds said...

ahh brownies! What a great idea to reel in the punters!