Saturday, January 03, 2009



christmas is already over, which is rather sad. it seemed to come and go all too quickly this time around. its been super lovely to have some time off from work, and just to have some proper quality family time both in the south, and the north too.
it has been quite a while since my last post, hence the large number of photos that follow! so yes, heres a few bits and bobs from the christmas/new year period:

Christmas tree decorations

Gift wrap and handmade gift tags

Tiffany's cupcakes from the somerset house ice rink

Oliver - who absolutely loves the christmas tree, and everything that dangles from it!

New year's eve fireworks

My mum knitted me these beautiful endpaper mitts. you can find the pattern hereThey re quite possibly the softest mitts i have ever worn. i am absolutely in love, and am now after a pair in every colour combination imaginable!

books.books.books! note the red 2009 moleskine planner. it's so satisfyingly chunky!

And Paul bought me this fabulous moustache ring from Tatty Divine :o)


...and a tape measure of course!

I hope that y'all have had a lovely time over the holidays too, and that 2009 has started out well. I am still finilising my list of resolutions, but thats ok... im giving myself until the 5th - thats when the real hard work starts again!

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The Creative Sort said...

ooo love the presentation of your presents...awesome photography girl!