Tuesday, March 17, 2009

E-E-E-Ever so Exciting!

E-E-E-Ever so Exciting!

Issue E has arrived! It's been a while coming, but we promise that it is well worth the wait! with such spectacles to behold as Elvis himself, a trio of eager beavers, a pretty rubbish employee of the week, and a rather interesting young chap called eugene, its all ever-so-exciting! So head on over to the shop to get your hands on our latest labour of love! (sneak preview below!)

In other Lazy Soosan news, we now have alphabet badges up for sale, which we think will look just smashing on a lapel, a bag, a sweater or maybe even a hat. The options are endless!

And as always, keep checking the Lazy Soosan blog for up-to-date, last-minute, hot-off-the-press Lazy Soosan news!


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