Friday, July 31, 2009


Seeing as we reach August tomorrow, it feels as though summer is pretty much half over. And so far its been rather darn good! I've been a bit slack with updating here, but hopefully this lot will go some way towards making up for that, and also possibly explain where I've been hiding for the past month or so!

This entry is extremely picture heavy - i will warn you now!


Summer began on Worthy Farm at the end of June: Glastonberry was super: immense and awesome in every sense of the words. Sunset up on Pennards Hill on the first night has to be a highlight. As was the lovely Park stage and the excellent Stornoway.

Over the course of the weekend (more like 6 days), we were lucky enough to see such delights as Bon Iver, Lisa Hannigan, Regina Spektor, Lamb, M Ward, The Specials, Madness and the almighty Tom Jones to name but a few.

The weather held out rather well indeed. (after an initial tantrum of thunder and lightning on Thursday and a little bit of rain on Friday) The toilets of course were the big bummer, (no pun intended) the toilets and the mud. Although now, looking back the horrors of both have wildly attenuated in my mind and i seem to have managed to forget that i even whinged about them once! (I'm sure Paul could put you straight on that one though!)

And now im dying for next year to roll around already! somehow! And I'm keeping my fingers are well and truly crossed for Radiohead!


I was treated to an education in urban music at Wireless by my best bud Bloomfield. We had an excellent day watching the likes of NDubz, The Noisettes, Calvin Harris, Tinchy Stryder, Mark Ronson and Daniel Merriweather and Mr Kanye West. Far too many guilty pleasures than i should really admit to, but it was a really rather excellent day indeed!


Lucy and I decided that after a week of slumming it in a field at Glastonbury, we deserved a week of relaxation, so we jetted off to Sliema in Malta for just that. We lay out in 34ÂșC heat everyday, with not a cloud in sight! I did manage to steal some shade from a nearby ledge and the occasional umbrella, but still came back with a very respectable tan!

We went on a day cruise to the Blue Lagoon at Comino on a Turkish Gullet. I have never seen the sea so clear and so blue in my life - it was absolutely beautiful! The boat docked and we were able to swim in the crystal clear waters which was lovely, if a little salty, but we were soon chased out of the sea by the HUGE fish that were gathering waiting to be fed!

Sliema was lovely. not quite as fancy looking as St Julians, but it had some lovely restaurants and beach bars where you could take your drinks down on to the rocks and watch the sea lapping the shore as the sun set. mmmm! i'd go back in a flash!

Aside from the coastline being rather beautiful, the winding streets had their charm too. Everywhere is quite dusty and dilapidated, but the stone architecture is really rather charming with little jems hidden along every path.

We had such a lovely week, away from everything at home and were super sad to come back to the british rain, but these things must be done. And now i have my brand spanking new passport i am the biggest fan of summer holidays you will meet. FACT! I'm so ready to start planning next year's travels...! Although nowhere else in Europe feels quite as exotic as Malta now - I had no idea it was going to be quite so hot!

V&A village fete

On our anniversary weekend, Paul took me to the V&A Village Fete - the last ever V&A Village Fete for that matter. Its such a shame that it wont be continuing next year - it's such a great platform for some really novel ideas that you wouldn't normally get the chance to witness.

Check out the cardboard piano! Tattly Divine had everyone 'fishing for victory' on their stall, where i managed to bag myself a rather spiffy bracelet from the lucky dip. Paul and I competed on the Garudio Studiage's Economic Meltdown Office Challenge. I won and received a nice big fat (25% discount) cheque and Paul was handed his P45! heehee!

Ben & Jerrys sundae on the common

And finally, last weekend was the Ben and Jerry's Sundae on the common complete with petting zoo, (full of ducks with the oddest of hair do's) carousel, helter-skelter, and of course scoops and scoops of free ice cream!

Camera Obscura played a rather lovely set, and The Human League headlined - which of course made mine and Louise's day! They were so much fun that we hardly even noticed the rain! The whole day was done and dusted by 8'o'clock - which suited us just fine - we were home and in bed by 9:30! perfect for a sunday night!

And that is that. A very exciting couple of months - and its not over yet. I still have lots to look forward before summer is through, i just need to get over this flu that i've managed to contract. And no, i'm pretty sure that it's not swine flu, but i'm hiding out at home, just to be safe!

And now that all that has been said, i promise that i will be back soon with some pretty exciting news :o)

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