Monday, February 15, 2010

So, Happy Happy Valentines Day for yesterday! I hope that everyone has had a lovely one. Paul and I had a very nice day indeed. It started with a rushed breakfast half-in-half-out of bed followed by a mad dash to make our train in to town. Oh, and presents and cards of course! Above is the card I made for him, and below is the pair of felt hearts I made at The Make Lounge's Valentines Craft Evening (he keeps the one with my name on, and I keep the one with his name on), and a pair of TocToc hearts. More on gifts later...

So yes, we made our train with about 30 seconds to spare, and headed in to town, walked to Westminster and boarded one of the city cruisers to Greenwich. It was absolutely bloomin' freezing, and I now realise that boating is not the wisest choice for a February Sunday afternoon, but nonetheless it was rather a nice way to travel through London.

We go off the boat at Greenwich, and made our way to the Dome, and had a rather scrummy lunch at the S&M Cafe.

After a bit of a wander around, we made our way back home... with a quick stop off for a heart shaped donut! Filled with strawberries and cream of course! Yum!

It was a very lovely (if a little cold), day - well more of a weekend really; I do have a habit of dragging these things out... if I can make my birthday last a week, then Valentines Day deserves a weekend at the very least!) I suppose I am just a very lucky girl to have a boyfriend who has learnt to deal with my over-excitement, and need to plan everything 4 weeks in advance...! Speaking of being a very lucky girl and having the acest of all boyfriends, this is what he got me:

A beautiful antique 1934 AM/FM radio that I had spied a few weeks ago in a charity shop window. Not only does it look great, it sounds great too - yup thats right, it's in full working order, even the tiny little lights in the dial work! It feels so strange and almost wrong hearing the likes of Zane Lowe playing The Ruby Suns and Stornoway... I feel like I should be saving it's delicate old speakers for some Debussy or Holst perhaps! It's not quite DAB, but it seems to be coping just fine! Now, if only it had a USB port...!

mmmm! thank you very much to my lovely lovely Paul :o)

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