Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tales Of Montréal

Even though I only have a slight whiff of jet-lag left lingering around me, my trip to Montréal still feels like yesterday!

The world is such a cruel place where a job can make a whole 5 days disappear into what feels like 30 seconds... But still, 5 days later, and I've managed to find time to slip in a whistle stop (more photos, less words...!) post about my recent travels!

So, here goes: 10 Tales Of Montreal... (in no particular order)











1. Casa Del Popolo & La Salla Rossa
These two bars/restaurants/venues are the source of some great nights out for Mile Enders - beautiful settings and great music. They also have some very pretty posters: screen printed and pinned to almost every lamp post around Plateau.

2. Local 23 & General 54
Two great thrift stores with some wonderfully eccentric merchandising and interior décor! Vintage clothing along with local music, and yet more screen printed delights! Definitely worth a visit at 23 Bernard W.

3. I really can't remember the name of this store, but I'll be sure to add it in as soon as someone can jog my memory! It was expensive, but in a justifiable way: in that everything inside was beautiful and 100% desirable! intriguing old globes and maps, fabric picture frames, letterpress artifacts and some very whimsical furniture. As soon as I win the lottery, I'll head here first!

4. Distroboto
Distroboto machines are old cigarette machines that now sell all kinds of art, film and music etc. For $2, you can take home your very own masterpiece! And even better, as long as your artwork fits within the size restrictions, you can mail it in to be sold in one of the 9 Distrobotos across town!

5. Monastiraki
A gallery/shop/studio/museum extraordinaire! Monastiraki sells heaps of crafty bits and bobs, paper ephemera, posters, zines, antiques, local artwork and so on. A place to spend hours scouring the shelves uncovering more and more little treasures as you go!

6. Drawn & Quarterly
The notorious outlet for the Québec based publishing house. A veritable cavern of artists books, zines, comics, journals alongside classic literature and independent magazines. D&Q also run screen printing and lino printing workshops in-house.

7. Poutine!
Poutine is a classic Montréal dish. Fries, gravy and cheese curds is the staple base, with the more recent addition of, well, pretty much anything! Poutine is in fact so popular, that even the Quebecois fast food restaurants have acquired the dish for their menus! And don't worry, it tastes a whole lot better that it looks, and sounds!

8. Montréal Festival Folk Sur Le Canal
A very lovely day out by the scenic Lachiene Canal in the industrial grounds of the St Ambroise Brewery. Very much enjoyed sipping my apricot beer to the sounds of Anais Mitchell, Lake of Stew and Kathleen Edwards.

Then of course there's the typical tourist-type action!

9. Biosphère
This was mainly geared for children, but due to it's setting in the middle of Parc Jean Drapeau, it's magnificent spherical stature, and the amazing views over montreal from the 5th floor platform, there's plenty to wow your average 25 year old tourist with!

10. La Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal
Possibly the most beautiful church I've seen, the alter is full of the most spectacular detail, and the blue lighting is somewhat reminiscent of Baz Lurman's Romeo and Juliet. The kind of place that will completely throw you, and make you want to go back, just to make sure you didn't just dream it up!

Ok, so more words than I had originally planned, and still not enough to mention Parc Mount Royal and Tam Tams, the Yiddish Musical, the opening of the jazz festival or La Fête de la St-Jean. Or Benjamin! My very kind host for the week! It was lovely to see both Ben and Montréal. Now all I have to do is get back on Greenwich Mean Time...!


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