Sunday, December 05, 2010

20 days to go...

Little by little I'm managing to cross things off my monstrous pre-Christmas to do list. Today, I'm crossing off Christmas cards: The making of - not the writing of, sadly! That's a job for this evening!

I made a set of five cards, the concept being that Christmas is the perfect antidote to any bad mood, and that all those little christmassy bits and bobs can turn even the hardest of scrouges!

So yes, very glad to have these done and dusted. I'm feeling even more Christmassy today... I wonder if i'll reach the limit of Christmassy-ness soon, or if I'm just going to keep going and going? I think the latter is more probable. Last night was our annual Christmas Party complete with mulled cider and legendary onion soup, we even cracked open a tin of Quality Streets, which is probably the reason for my topped up Christmas levels today. Yes, I am aware that I have now said 'Christmas' 9 times in this post...! See! I told you: OBSESSED!!


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