Wednesday, June 06, 2007

show time

it's show time!

Last night was the opening night for the degree show at uni. so having finally finished all my work, handing it in and setting it all up ready for the private view, it was time to kick back a little, have some much earned fun, and admire all the work on display.

my business cards... [with thanks to jimbo for sorting me out with some of the delicious card from his work...!]

and their neat little holder for my board...

and i know i need to photograph them more proffessionally, but just for now, here are some pictures of my finished books. hoorah!

i am really pleased with how they truned out, they're far more lovely than i had hoped, which is very good news indeed. this project has been super stressfull at times, and so much more demanding than anything esle i have ever done, but i have enjoyed it so much, and have created something that i can be immensely proud of, so yes, it has most definitely been worth the many sleepless nights worrying. It's been suggested by my tutor, and two of my past tutors that i approach a publisher with the books, and that seems like rather an exciting opportunity, so i must get looking into that a.s.a.p.
i suppose it makes sense, seeing as the whole reason i came up with the concept was noticing the lack of any sort of self-help information for teenagers with depression especially in this sort of format... so maybe this could be part of the solution... who knows! it's good to dream big right..?!

so yes, now it's all over. time to put everything i have developed over the past 4 years to good use. i have been so caught up in all this work that i forgot that that was easy part. now the real stress starts. time for me to get a job and make something of myself. I need to get my portfolio sorted, get my website up, and start hammering out job applications. yikes! it all seems rather scary... but exciting at the same time.

ive been meaning to put this picture up for a while, but for some reason or another havent got round to it. this was a very early concept for the book, but i'd quite like to find something else to do with it because i think its rather fun...

and in other, more random news, on my walk in to uni today, i got rather lost. reason being, the field en route had been mown and the path was left completely hidden under 5 or 6 inches of cut grass. [in all the 4 years i have been here, i have never once seen this field be mown...] but yes, this meant i was left to wade through the field [in flip-flops i might add] trying to guess where was safe to tread. goodness. when i finally reached the other side, i had to stop and pull all the grass out that had got tangled up in my shoes, and between my toes. deary me...!

and that is all for now, more to come soon, im sure.

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annie said...

This book is really awesome! I love how colorful it is.