Monday, September 24, 2007

illustration for a friday

so, i know its been a long time... a super duper long time, but yes, nevermind all that.
it's been a funny ol' summer, but its all over now and time to get serious about... well... everything.
so it is with all these good intentions and what not that i have made my first entry to illustration friday.
j u g g l e j u g g l e j u g g l e j u g g l e j u g g l e j u g g l e j u g g l e

yes. juggling is bound to end in tears.


Alina Chau said...

cute style!

bee'nme said...

I really like these - your style is very fresh and fun, your colors are great, and I love the collage touches - nicely done!! Welcome to IF!!

Keszeg Agi said...

nice work!

My name is Lou said...

i tagged you!!! check my new blog out and you will see what i mean... hope you are well my love.
loving you drawings to miss. beautiful.
x Poopot x