Wednesday, December 12, 2007

little things

hoorah-hoorah-hoorah! i have finally got around to doing another illustration friday submission. its been a while... too long, but yes and nevermind, here is my entry for this week's theme: little things.
this topic made me think of all the little things that make me happy... in a sound of music, whiskers on kittens and bright copper kettles kinda way. i simply love watching ollie and cleo (my cats) messing about. i could watch them forever when theyre having their mad half hours... hmmm... maybe i'm just easily pleased..!

in other news, here is some proof that it most definitely pays off to always check the children's books and magazines sections when shopping. in borders t'other day i found this: anorak magazine: the happy mag for kids.

and very cool kids at that i'd say. it has really lovely illustrations inside, some by the fabulous adrian johnson and even some by the one and only mister rob ryan. plus it comes with a super cool embroidered patch!

the fashion pages are possibly the most fun i've ever seen with the combination of photography and illustration. lovely lovely lovely!
...oh, to be little again!



nina seven said...

very cute kitties! thanks for your nice comment on mine!

Clement said...

Wow your kitty is so cute!!!! I love it!