Monday, December 31, 2007

last post of the year...

this stimpson family christmas was as good as sponsered by the apple ipod. what with me and my mum getting a nano each, and jo and natalie both getting an ipod touch, alongside countless accessories... (i-trips and in-car holders and chargers and whatnot..!) so yes, with all these new ipods in the house, naturally, we all require something to keep them all warm and safe. so yesterday was spent making nano covers. a whole rainbow of them infact...!

as you can see, i have tons spare. i made 14 and only actually require 2, so if anyone has a nano thats getting a little chilly, and is crying out for a slightly padded, warm, pretty sack, i will be making them available to purchase soon, and will notify anyone who is interested as soon as i've got it all sorted.

my mum chose a green one, and this lovely little red number is for me! hoorah!
aaaand... over the next week or so i will be making a selection of covers for the touch... :o)

so yes, this will therefore be my last post of 2007! how very exciting.
i hope everyone has a fabulous time seeing in 2008


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My name is Lou said...

peanut can i have a orangy yellow one please! let me know how much to send you. o for my nano. ta

very lovely.

happy new year to my dear.