Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Soosan

hoorah hoorah. Lazy Soosan is officially here!
To explain: Lazy Soosan is the name that lucy and i have chosen to produce collaborative work under and The Alphabet Series is the first product of this marvellous partnership.

The Alphabet Series is a 26-page self published art zine dedicated to, yup, you guessed it: the alphabet! For more detailed information please see the Lazy Soosan blog.

Last night we held an official launch party to celebrate and commemorate our first ever issue: A.
There were party rings, sausage rolls and all the other ingredients that make for an excellent party and much fun was had by all. We even had name badges for the occasion. and alphabet cupcakes!

So yes, if you would like to get yourself a copy of The Alphabet Series, then please head on over to Lazy Soosan HQ



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