Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mobile swap

so my mobile for the mobile swap (thanks elsie marley!) was completed just in the nick of time, and is now winging its way off to the wonderful peasandneedles. She said in the application form that her favourtie colours were blue yellow and green but i so wanted to give her something to match her banging red desk, so thats exactly what i did. i decided to combine her love of birds and buttons, so that i could hopefully give her something that she likes! we will have to wait until tomorrow though until it arrives on her doorstep...

fingers crossed...!



Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,

I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I LOVE the mobile that you made for your partner.

I got the joy of making your mobile, so I'm commenting here, anonymously...just to keep the secret.

I mailed it off already and I'm guessing it should be there soon, as long as customs plays nice. I really hope that you like it.

Smooches, Anonymous

well.illbedarned said...

Oh wow! hello!
I'm so excited now! aiieeee! i cant wait!
Thank you for your comment!


I AM said...
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Anonymous said...


I'll give you a hint.

It is green, with a touch of green as an accent and a little bit of green which ties it all together.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. It is wrapped in, um, some more green....