Sunday, March 09, 2008

selling soosan...

Since the lanch of The Alphabet Series, I havent had much of a chance to sit still. Lucy and i have been so overwhelmed by the amount of interest that has generated out of... well, out of nowhere really! We certainly did not expect to have orders coming from all over the world, and are extremely excited for the future of our little project! Yesteday we popped into town to give some copies of the zine to 3 of our favourite shops for them to hand out to their customers.

Lazy Soosan's Alphabet Series is now officially available from bookartbookshop (Pitfield Street), magma (Clerkenwell Road), and prick your finger (Globe Road, Bethnal Green) which is all rather exciting. For more details on how to find these shops, head over to the Lazy Soosan blog.

So of course a day spent dashing between these delicious shops is naturally bound to result in multiple purchases, and without further ado, here be the new additions to my bookshelf:

the independent london store guide contains details on hundreds of beautiful, clever, individual, innovative, independent shops throughout London, selling everything you could possibly imagine. ideas illustrated is YCN's new magazine showcasing emerging talent in illustration and image making. very int-er-esting indeed.

Finally, i bought this pretty little fabric broach by hannah waldron. lovely stuff.

And thats about all for now i think...


this chicken said...

Congratulations on the success of the magazine! I'm hoping mine is sitting in my postbox as I write waiting for me to take it in and give it much love ;)

It's funny - I only discovered Magma 10 days ago during a trip to Manchester - what a fantastic shop. I later discovered that there are also stores in London. Something else funny is that I also bought 'Ideas Illustrated' from them.

I bet our bookshelves resemble each others in more than one way!

Robson & Mason Haberdashery said...

What a great great blog. Could you send me some details about the magazine please. If you get chance.


Robson & Mason Haberdashery said...
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