Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where the Alligators go

Florida: Part 3
Whilst in Naples we visited the swamps at the Corkscrew Swam Sanctuary. We walked along 2.5 miles of raised boardwalk through the giant cypress trees with the main aim of spotting a real life Florida 'gator.

With only a few steps left to go we managed to spot not only two little baby 'gators, but also two giant fully grown 12ft 'gators sleeping on a log emerging from the swamp. Not quite close enough to get a particularly good photo, but close enough to be able to tick it off the list!

Whilst walking, we also saw some woodpeckers, tons of spiders, a squirrel, some wood storks and some herons: All of whom, along with the various fish and insects living in the swamps eat the mosquitos, meaning no need for bug spray! Bonus!

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