Saturday, November 12, 2011

Benjamin's Montréal

It was recently my dear friend Benjamin's birthday, and for the occasion I made him a map.

Ben recently spent a year in Montréal travelling, working, and generally experiencing life on the other side of the atlantic. I got the chance to nip across said ocean to visit him for a short week, during which time he took me to some of his favourite places. I didnt want for his year out there to fuzz up in to one big memory, it's always nice to remember the little things, and one off places, so made him a map of the end of town in which he stayed and worked, and plotted out some of the places he mentioned, and all of the ones he took me to.

It's a pretty lovely city: very interesting and musical. Void of faceless chains and big brands. Very independent and traditional and highly recommended!

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